How Fast Does The Average Person Run

Every time that people watch top athletes dash to the finishing line, they hold breath because of the sheer demonstration of special talent. It is because of this that reports about Usain Bolt’s injury in his last show attracted a great attention from millions of fans.

However, it is the claim that he faked the hamstring that has stolen the show in a recent couple of days. This has also made more people start asking more questions not just about the top runners, but the average runner such as how fast does the average person run?

For years, experts in athletics have failed to arrive at a consensus of the average man speed. Rather, they have broken the average speed based on distance.

The average person’s speed over a two-mile stretch

The two-mile running test is administered during army recruitment to assess candidates’ physical fitness. Here, the rule is the faster you can run the better. Men between the age of 17 years and 24 years have an average speed of 8.45 MPH.

Older men between 22 years and 26 years are slower at an average of 8.25 MPH. Notably, the speed reported by the army during recruitment is slower compared to the average from fitness centers.

How fast does the average person run for 1 mile

On shorter distances, an average man runs faster because the muscles are not exhausted. The average person will complete a mile in about 9 minutes. However, the British Armed Forces require their recruits to complete one mile in 8 minutes.

How fast does the average man run for 100 meters?

The 100 meters race is perhaps the most revered competition in every Olympics. An average man moving at 8.3 MPH will cover the 100 meters in 28 seconds. This is indeed very far from the Olympic qualifying timelines which are 10.18 seconds.

The fastest man in the 100 meters competition today is Usain Bolt who holds the record of 9.58 seconds. However, his last appearance which he indicated would be the last in his successful athletics career was a flop as he suffered a hamstring injury.

The Bolt’s hamstring injury: was it real or fake?

In every competition that bolt has participated, the results have always been certain; an outright win. This expectation made more people start wondering why Bolt would suffer such a hamstring problem yet it had never occurred in his athletics career.

For some people, the hamstring injury simply sound suspect. Some people on social media and even mainstream journalists posited that bolt faked the injury because he could not withstand competition. This prompted Bolt to produce the X-ray image showing the year in his proximal myotendinous junction of biceps femoris.

To understand this problem, it is important to look closer at the hamstring injury. The hamstring injury is a common occurrence in athletes especially those in sprinting and soccer.

It is an injury to one of the muscles on the back section of the thigh when in action. The main causes of Hamstring injury include;

  • Not warming up adequately before starting to exercise
  • Tight muscles on the front section of the thigh that pull and tighten the hamstring
  • The glutes that work together with hamstring are weak resulting to overloading of the hamstring

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