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The Current Situation of Employment

When the Brexit results were announced, Wales had voted to strongly leave the EU. Because Wales was one of the direct recipients of funds from the EU especially for the Agricultural sector, it was expected that the employment rates would plummet. This impact has started being realized with unemployment rates rising slightly.

From the start of the year 2017, joblessness has gone up with 1.0% which means that about 4.4% of the entire workforce is idle.

However, it is difficult to attribute this drop to Brexit because the employment levels in Wales remain relatively higher compared to the rest of the UK where about 4.9%c of people are jobless.


The economic activity in Wales has slowed down

Wales like other countries is subject to global economic forces that are often out of control. The Office for The National Statistics indicated that there are 18,000 fewer people working in Wales compared to the number before falls. What is more worrying is the slow pace of economic recovery compared to spring of 2016 and 2015.

In his view, Crowny Jones, the First Minister insisted that the shrinking employment and inactivity levels are higher compared to the rest of the UK.

He added that about 24,000 more people in Wales are in employment compared to the situation about 12 months ago. Though the levels are still worrying, Jones pointed that the ambitions for Wales are big and they will work harder to improve the situation.

The focus is ensuring that businesses are supported to guarantee jobs sustainability through training.


What Wales figures mean when compared to the rest of the UK

 A closer look at the entire UK unemployment rates shows that it has fallen to the lowest point in more than a decade. However, even the number of those at work has equally shifted downwards.

By November, the total number of jobless people was about 1.6 million which indicated a significant fall with about 52,000 people compared to the previous months.

Despite the rising level of unemployment in the UK, the levels still stand lower compared to other countries in Europe.

Many people have interpreted the unemployment rates in Wales to indicate that it can rise after Brexit and still remains economically viable.

Once the government stops remitting the money it was contributing to the EU, redirecting it to Wales and other areas could help to create even more employment. However, this is not expected to be smooth because the UK will have to renegotiate with EU to continue trading with its members.



The rising levels of unemployment in Wales can be termed as normal because the rates are even lower than those of the UK as well as other countries in the UK.

With the extra efforts put in place by the Welsh government to support the businesses to sustain job creation, the situation is expected to improve.

However, the UK government must work on seeking new markets for its industrial and agricultural products including renegotiating with the EU for larger market access.

Places to Visit in Wales

Visiting Wales

Christmas is around the corner and the festivities and celebration bells are already ringing. This is the best time to have quality time with friends and your family after a whole year of hard work.

To enjoy even more and make the Christmas season unforgettable, one of the best ideas is selecting a unique place and a holiday paradise such as Wales.

Today, no one wants to miss a holiday in Wales especially during big holidays like Christmas. Every person who comes to Wales does two things after that; voting it the best holiday destination and planning to come back for more. Here is an account of the best places to visit in Wales this Christmas.


Kingdom of the Elves at Bluestone National Park Resort


This is an ideal place for merry makers who want the traditional model of Christmas celebrations that include roasted chestnuts, live music, free range activities, and carol singing. This is not all.

Visitors will also enjoy enthralling activities such as Rescue Rudolph, Ban Blizzard, Musical Mountain, and Dust Workshop. Book your ticket right away so that you do not miss the thrill.


The Tredegar House in New Port

Celebrate this Christmas with a difference by visiting the Tredegar house in New Port. The households themed Christmas Carol celebrations and is full of enthralling entertainment and Victorian decorations.

If you are a family and have kids, this place will deliver more than you can imagine. It has lovely festive arts, crafts, and decorations.


The Chirk Castle

This castle is a magical place over the Christmas because of a lot of events and celebrations. Top celebrities stream to this place for medieval feasting and unforgettable Christmas carol concerts.

The celebrations run throughout the Christmas season so that you can enjoy as much as possible.


Royal Welsh Winter Fair

This is the most enthralling Welsh celebration with lots of demonstrations, stands, and exhibitions. Whether you want a unique gift for family or simply want to have some fun after indoor parties, this is one place you cannot afford to miss. Make sure to check for tickets in advance to book your place.


St Fagans National History Museum

Spruce your Christmas by learning some history about Wales and entire Europe at St Fagans National History Museum. Whether you cherish sustainable decorations or want some time with Father Christmas, this is the place to be.

The festivities take place throughout the Christmas season so that you can have enough time to celebrate with all the family members.

This Christmas, Wales has all that you need for a unique festive season full of fun and unforgettable thrill. Check out all the available options and select your favourite. Remember to capture every moment in Wales on camera because this Christmas will be like no other.


 What’s in store for Wales after the UK Brexit?


When the UK went into polls to vote for Brexit, 52% of Wales’s voters expressed their emphasis on leaving the EU. While some countries have been struggling and trying to meet the strict regulations for joining EU, Brexit came when it was least expected.

Indeed, most of the suggestions about what would happen after Brexit were speculative. In this post, we focus on the bigger picture and demystify what is in store for Wales after Brexit.


Impact on Wales’ policies

Brexit will perhaps be felt more in Wales than any other part of the UK. The Wales devolution memorandum states that all laws that were passed when the UK was a member of EU had to be in line with EU law. Now that Wales and the entire UK are not part of EU, all the enacted legislation will require some review.

Note that; this could get complicated because such changes have to be approved by the assembly. If the Assembly declines, the situation for the Wales administration could become very tricky.

Wales, just like other local authorities was responsible for implementing the EU policies that touched on many areas including rural affairs, environment, education, health, agriculture, food, and Health.

Now it will be difficult for EU to continue applying the same policies because Wales is no longer under its jurisdiction. The agreements might require renegotiation or have the roles previously played by the EU transferred to the UK government.


Severing of funding from the EU

Wales was a direct beneficially of funding from the EU especially through Agricultural policy and structural funds for rural areas. Between year 20114 and 2020, the total for the two main areas was £500 million.

A number of these funds that was not related is likely to be cut short leaving Wales with a burden of seeking alternative funds.

In addition to the two programs, organizations in Wales were also eligible to apply for various funding programs such as The European Maritime and Fisheries Funds, Horizon 2020, and Creative Europe Programme. This will now be tough to get because the UK is an outside.

Though UK was paying more that it received from the EU, cutting the ties leaves one question; will the government replace the funding that was going to the EU to fund what Wales was getting?


Difficulties trading directly with EU

Approximately 45% of all the products produced in Wales were exported to the EU. In 2015, a total of £5 billion worth of goods were exported to the EU.

On the other hand, Wales imported £3.6 billion worth of goods. This demonstrates a robust form of business partnership. Further trade with EU will now be dependent on negotiations between the EU and UK administration.

If such negotiations do not bear results or take a long time, there is a risk of products from Wales being subjected to huge taxation to access EU market.