What is a Landing Page? Simply put, a landing page is a page that attracts visitors to your website. It should be attractive, clean, and elegant. vipacc.id when designed creatively, can be the foundation of a successful campaign for online marketing. Why Do We Give A Fuss About These Things? “Landing Pages are the new form of direct marketing. Anyone with a website can be a direct marketer.” -Seth Godin Conversions are made possible by the landing page. A landing page that is effective can make your website a money-making machine. Marketing Sherpa reports that 68% of B2B companies use these pages to generate leads and convert them in the future. Neil Patel, an internet marketing expert, said that a business making $1000 per day could lose over $25K annually if its landing page does not respond quickly. This is an old example, but it still shows the importance of creating landing pages well. Obama raised $60 million more by simply A/B testing a landing page created for a campaign in 2010. You only have a few seconds to make or break the deal. Give it everything you have What makes a landing site a conversion machine? What elements should you include in your lead capture page to make sure even the most skeptical visitor votes for your site? Let’s answer these questions by taking a look at seven key elements to be aware of when creating your landing pages. 7 ways to capture users with landing pages 1. Create Compelling Headlines Your page’s headline is what your visitors first see. It makes sense to create a compelling headline that will immediately impact your visitors. Basecamp changed its landing page to show a picture of a customer years ago. Basecamp used the headline to summarize the main advantages the customer received from Basecamp. This resulted in a dramatic increase of the conversion rate to 102.5%. These are some tips for creating great headlines. * Be useful Remember to relate to your visitors’ fears and desires when writing the headline for your landing page. Kissmetrics found that Carelogger’s conversion rate increased by 31% when the headline was focused on the fear and desires of its target audience. * Please be urgent Use a deadline or offer to encourage users to take action. This strategy will increase your readership and motivate them to take action. * Command Attention Your words should evoke emotion in your users. This is why it’s important to use vivid adjectives. These powerful words are yours to use: * Amazing * Never seen before * Expensive * Power 2. Video can be used to tell your story EyeView Digital claims that landing pages with videos can increase conversion rates by nearly 80%. Recent statistics show that 95% users still retain videos with their messages. Videos provide passive engagement. Visitors can find exactly what you are trying to communicate with minimal effort. Many marketers don’t know what heatmaps are. CrazyEgg hired Demo Duck to help them explain why small businesses need more Google Analytics to increase their conversions.

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