Baseball Bats: The History

The fascinating history of baseball bats is interesting. Baseball bats were made of wood and came in many sizes and shapes when they were first introduced to the game. Baseball was a young sport in the 1800’s. In fact, satta king batters designed their own bats. These bats came in many lengths and designs. Players experimented with many types of wood to improve their hitting ability during this unique time in baseball history. They soon discovered that wagon tongue lumber was the best wood to make baseball bats. The round baseball bat became very popular in just five years. A majority of baseball players used a round wagon tongue bat.

A new regulation was put into place by the Professional National Association of Baseball Players Governing Committee in 1859. It stipulated that bats could not exceed 2.5 inches in diameter. However, a further rule was added to say that the actual baseball bat should not exceed 42 inches. This still applies to baseball rules today.

Lightweight aluminum bats were introduced in the 1970’s and have a lasting impact on the game of baseball. Aluminum baseball bats that are lighter than traditional wooden bats can hit a ball much further than aluminum bats. Aluminum bats have seen improvements over time. The metal found in bats today is the same as that used in aircrafts. Scientists have developed stronger alloys to make bats more durable than ever. Bat designers have made improvements in recent years, such as bats with double walls. The bats that are considered high-end can be so fragile that they break down after only a few matches. The baseball bat range also includes titanium mixed with aluminum. Titanium is lightweight and portable, but it’s also extremely strong. This makes it possible to have a better swing action.

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