An adventure is an “unusual, exciting, often dangerous experience or activity .” Synonyms for adventure are exploit, escapade and deed.

An adventure can be fun and less dangerous. There are many adventures, and no one definition fits all. What does this mean? Check out my thoughts on adventures:

1. Adventure is what you make of it!

Walmart shopping can be an adventure. You have two options: you can view life as a routine or as an adventure.

2. You can find your adventure within you!

A good book is a great adventure. Grab a good book if you’re ever feeling bored, tired of watching TV, or it’s raining. Ask your friends on Facebook and visit your local library if you’re not sure which book would suit you best. It will be a joy to hear from others who love to recommend good books.

Reading is a favorite pastime of my daughters. My youngest daughter told me she was sick of reading books about adventures and was ready for her OWN adventures. I wish she has her own adventures! This young lady is a bright spot in the world!

3. Adventures can involve taking a chance or facing your fears.

Do you consider yourself an adventurer? Are you someone who loves to skydive, rock climb, and swim with sharks? You are an adventurer, as most people refer to you. It takes someone special to love taking risks with their bodies. This is what I admire. Although I love to travel, I am not a daredevil.

How about a fear you have? Do you fear public speaking or riding a horse? Or maybe you are afraid of starting a new life. Fears can cause you to feel anxious and make it difficult to move past your fears. Many people overcome their fears by relying on others or by confronting their fears head-on. It’s an adventure to face your fears!

4. Adventure can be your life’s greatest adventure!

Marriage, moving to a different town, or having a child are all exciting life events. Life events may not be considered an adventure if they are part of your normal life or even expected to happen in the next phase.

Many of you will be expected to attend college, marry and start a family. It sounds boring typing all that, but it is not boring! Your life is an adventure

It can be thrilling, scary, and rewarding to start a business or change careers. But I admire those who are brave enough to embark on the grand adventure of starting a business or doing what they enjoy. I

Adventures come in many shapes and sizes. Adventures don’t always have to be dangerous. Sometimes they can be just plain fun. Today, go on an adventure! You can read a book, face fear, or climb a rock wall.

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