How to Lead Your Team In a Noisy Environment

When did gardening get so noisy? As I was strolling around my neighborhood, I saw these two gardeners outside an apartment. They needed ear muffs because of the loudness coming from their leaf blower/hedge trimmer. It was a shame that I did not have any. Growing a garden was known for being peaceful and relaxing. The technology has advanced to the point that gardening is noisy. A lot of noise is part of your job as a leader.

Noise at work can come in many forms. There has been gossip and office politics for a long time. Also, there was the constant noise of people speculating about each other and trying to grab attention. Now social media is being used for business purposes and personal use. It can be hard to keep up a constant stream post. I think about how much noise comes from creating an environment where everyone is encouraged make suggestions for improvement. Frontline leaders must be alert for new ideas, and this can lead to a lot more noise. This is a huge change from the past when only leaders made the noise while the rest of the team listened.

Any type of noise is unacceptable, leader Jason Hare Kingston is able to shield themselves from being overwhelmed. If you don’t have your own ear protection, you can lose your concentration and miss important information. It’s an art to know how to ignore the “white noise”, or filter out the negative voices that could make you question your decision-making process. Only by being able to discern the good from the ugly, can you process ideas effectively.

Here are some questions you might like to ask (hopefully without background noise )…).

You wonder where the noise comes from within your organisation.
Are you too busy listening to irrelevant noises?
What can I do to make my day less cluttered?

You can get help with dealing with the noise by contacting me to discuss coaching options that will help you stay focused.

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