The History of T-Shirt Printing

People from all walks have found a way to express themselves throughout history. If there is one medium of self-expression that’s widely accepted, and I’d say we’re all crazy about, it’s a printed T shirt. You will notice a lot more printed or customized t-shirts as you walk down a busy street. You’ll notice, too, that if you look into your closet, t-shirt printing singapore cheap and specifically printed T – take up a large amount of space. Let’s take a moment to pause, do some digging and find out where the t-shirt print started.

Introduction to Silk Screen Printing

Before discussing the history behind the origins and development of T-shirt design, it’s best to first shed some light on the most common printing technique. This printing method is silkscreen. Silk screening is the process of transmitting printing ink through a screen which has been stretched onto a frame. This technique was developed in China in the Song Dynasty period (960 A.D. – 1279 A.D.) and later adapted by the Japanese during the 15th and 16th century. The Japanese used silk for the screens, and this technique became known as Silk Screening. was commonly used in clothing and decoration. In the 1700s, Asia introduced screen printing to Western Europe. Silk mesh then gained worldwide popularity. The term “silkscreen printing” was born here.

Early Pioneers in Silk Screen Printing

Screen printing is a modern method of printing that was introduced in 1907. Although silkscreening or silk printing have been around for many years, the process was not officially introduced until 1907. Samuel Simon, from Manchester in England, was the first to obtain a patent for screen printing.

John Pilsworth, a San Francisco-based inventor, patented the multi-color screen printing in 1914 using a single or a single screen. Selectasine is a technique that is commonly used to print large quantities. During World War I, it was widely used to print flags and banners. Screen printing was then used for commercial purposes.

Andy Warhol is another American artist who popularized Pilsworth’s printing style. Marilyn Monroe’s Portrait is one of his most popular prints. Michael Vasilantone was an American artist who invented the first screen-printing machine in 1960. In 1967, he also applied for a patent for his invention. The machine he created was capable of printing team logos and information on bowling apparel. The screen printing that we are familiar with today is a result of the timelines in history.

The latest technologies have led to the production of new silk screen equipment, which is now used widely for T-shirt print.

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